Meet Ngoeinta (Goen)

Founder & Owner of Chiangmai Properties
A Real Estate Agent with a strong vision on giving an amazing customer service.
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Chiangmai-properties is a newly formed independent local estate agent in Chiang Mai Thailand offering sales and lettings. We are a modern and forward thinking, initiative-taking business that has not lost sight of the importance of traditional values, Customer focused, integrity, Respect & Trust, and Responsibility.

Relationships are vitally important to Ngoeinta; therefore, she always takes the time to learn about the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of her clients. Meeting the needs of all parties involved, she connects the buyers and sellers and always delivers maximum, fair value to her clients so that they turn to her each time they want to buy or sell a home as they graduate through the various stages of their lives.

Collaborating with buyers and sellers, Ngoeinta prides herself on being trustworthy, hardworking, and determined. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help her clients reach their housing or investment goals.

In her spare time, Ngoeinta devotes her time to her family. She and her husband are the proud parents to a 15-year-old son.

Our Values

Customer Focused
Customer Focused
We listen to customer feedback and take action, and build personalized customer experiences
We conduct ourselves in the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in every decision and action.
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Respect & Trust
We treat our clients and each other with dignity and respect at all times.
Following through on commitments, answering for our actions

Our Mission

We are a new establishing real estate company in Chiang Mai Thailand, the land of smiles.
We aim to delight and surprise our clients, deliver exceptional service, and exceed their expectations at every step in the transaction. Our goal is to make the real estate process memorable and one that our clients want others to experience.

Chiangmai-properties is committed to:
Guiding each client through the real estate experience with patience and an open, frequent line of communication.
Helping each client fulfill their dream of buying or selling their home in a personal, relaxed, yet professional manner.
Holding ourselves to the highest professional and ethical standards.
Helping our clients make prudent real estate decisions, and in the process prove worthy of their friendship so that we may become long-term friends and advisors.
Providing our clients with comprehensive information and advice.
Become a LEADER in the Chiang Mai Real Estate Industry.

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